Effectiveness of hypnothearpy 

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Hypnotherapy is particularly helpful when we have deep rooted issues, have difficulty changing negative attitudes/behaviour, and accessing our subconscious mind. Re-programming our subconscious mind can positively impact our lives tremendously. In addition to being useful in the context of medical and dental treatment, Hypnotherapy is also effective in resolving psychological issues.


In 1955, the British Medical Association formally endorsed the practice of teaching Hypnosis in medical schools. They approved it as a recognised form of medical practice.


This was followed in 1958 by the American Psychological Association forming a speciality in Hypnosis. This professional association established a certifying board of examiners in both clinical and experimental Hypnosis.


In 1959, Hypnosis was recognised by the American Medical Association as a legitimate, safe approach to medical and psychological problems. As such, it completed the professional acceptance of Hypnosis and raised it to a new level.


The American Medical Association and in Psychotherapy magazine (Volume 7, Number 1) by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD, have quoted hypnosis as a beneficial treatment for well over five decades with good success rates and lasting results:


*hypnotherapy achieved 93% success rate after six sessions,

*behavioural therapy achieved 72% success rate after 22 sessions,

*psychotherapy achieved 38% success rate after 600 sessions!