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Regression - We bring our past traumas with us into the present, and filter our view of ourselves, and the world through the lenses of those past experiences. A good regression session can make great leaps forward with permanent results. It is a powerful method to clear past wounds, and to bring understanding, and acceptance to our lives. It will give us insight into "what is", and not as what seems or appears to be. For most of us, we see things through filters as we have been conditioned through our experiences.


Parts Therapy - there are parts in our mind that are conflicting with our conscious/logical mind. Like when we say "part of me really wants to change, but the other part does not." For example when someone wants to lose weight very badly but finds it hard to do so. This is normal, as we have parts of our mind/personality that are conflicting and kept us struggling to make wise decisions. As with any team effort, our lives flow better when all our parts are working in unison. This is a unique and amazing technique to get in touch with those parts, and to bring them into alignment so that our goals can be realised. Our Mind, Body, and Soul have to be in harmony, and working in unison.


Nansi also teaches Meditation in her hypnotic sessions to calm the mind, and to achieve clarity and insight into our lives challenges. The guides and solutions are within us, we just have to become aware and realise it.